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ECU Alumni Exhibition September 4-26,2015

Tampa based artist Susanne Nielsen , M.F.A. graduate 1989 of East Carolina University's School of Art, will be exhibiting her soft-sculpture “Babies like Bunnies” ( homage to Nadya Denise Doud-Suleman) " in this year's Alumni Exhibition. The art will be shown in three locations, ECU's Gray Art Gallery, ECU Joyner Library and Greenville Museum of Art.


                                               “Babies like Bunnies” ( homage to Nadya Denise Doud-Suleman) 

Artist statement:  
My soft sculpture is one of many in the series of vessels all dedicated to the theme of birth and birth myths. While this topic has emerged from absolute taboo surrounded by many fantasy tales of the origins of new life ( wives’ tales)  more current works include the modern miracle of in vitro fertilization (IVF).
“Babies like Bunnies” ( homage to Nadya Denise Doud-Suleman) has been created with the story of Nadya Denise Doud-Suleman , mother of Octuplets via IVF,  in mind . The “vessel” sends us into the soft world of infants and toys, a place where all living creatures are cute and cuddely.  And it asks us to also contemplate the topic of engineered creation.
The circumstances of  high order multiple birth have led to controversy in the field of assisted reproductive technology as well as an investigation by the Medical Board of California of the fertility specialist involved.
The pink and white soft fabrics used with Duchampian “found objects” invite the viewer in and the questions raised  in the text and context of this piece , its title and the topic generates discussion easily taken for granted as IVF has become a normal aspect of our society in the 21st century.

Susanne Nielsen biography:
Susanne graduated in 1989 with an MFA degree in Painting from ECU, she is currently completing her doctoral thesis for the Univerity of Paderborn, Germany, a monograph of the the life and work of a Cuban exile artist.  Susanne has been teaching visual art, art history and humanities at universities and museums in the US, she currently resides in Tampa, Florida. In recent years she has traveled to Bangladesh and China and her art, mixed media in fabric and painting in two and three dimensions continues focus on the role of women in traditional societies, her latest series: Bangladeshi brides.

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“Island of Babies in deep blue Sea” by Susanne Nielsen at DFAC

Photos from the opening reception:


Three shows at the same time, fiberarts fans will enjoy the show and the setting. 
I know we did at the well attended opening !


Island of Babies in deep blue Sea” (homage to Harper Lee) by Susanne Nielsen
    Cotton fabric hand applique, hand and machine quilted,   34” x 34” x 34”
       Please join me at the opening reception

           At the Dunedin Fine Art Center, Friday, May 29, 2015, 7-9:00 p.m.

                 An exhibtion addressing the four elements of nature—Water, Air, Earth, Fire

                        Dunedin Fine Art Center, 1143 MICHIGAN BLVD, DUNEDIN, FL 34698

Artist statement:  The theme of my soft sculpture’s story is the element of Water. This life-giving element is our first home, we are born into it, and released into the world.  Inspiration for this birth myth is author Harper Lee’s story, protagonists Dill and Scout’s question about the origin of babies. A man in a boat goes to an Island to breathe life into sleeping babies (To Kill a Mockingbird). Parts of the text have been stitched into the pregnant form, the island was handpainted and quilted into layers of waves.;



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Ruth Eckerd Hall Exhibition April,May 2015 "Coming to America" Series

Susanne Nielsen shows her “Coming to America” series at Ruth Eckerd Hall April/May 2015 




April 2015
 Gasparilla Fine Arts show awards winning Tampa artist and art historian Susanne Nielsen will be exhibiting  five paintings from her “Coming to America” and “Childhood” series  April/May 2015  in Clearwater, Florida.
Nielsen and 11fellow artists are exhibiting their work in the upstairs galleries of Ruth Eckerd Hall, one of three major performing arts halls of Tampa Bay. Art and culture lovers who visit the numerous theater, Broadway and concert performances have free access to the galleries.

Susanne Nielsen’s "Coming to America" ​​and "Childhood" series are based on memories of her own childhood and the many impressions that she experienced as a city child of the fifties and sixties in her before and fter her emigration to the United States. In sunny California, making San Francisco thir home, Susanne chronicles this new world she discovered in words and pictures. 


The artist attended school and played with American girlfriends and her new little brother, sang American songs, read "Mother Goose" and "Waldi", experienced German and American Christmas with family and relatives. She heard German pop songs on records at home and saw "The Wizard of Oz" on TV, learned from English schoolbooks and leafed through her mother’s German magazines. The family kept up its two cultures their years in the US and Reykjvik, Iceland before returning home.
In her paintings Nielsen shows impressions from their early childhood in Germany and also excerpts from her German-American childhood abroad, collages of photographs, poems, lyrics, songs and advertising in times of growing postwar economic prosperity.


While researching the arts and cultural history for her courses at universities and art museums, Nielsen has been working for a long time with her own immigration history and continues to develop her own iconography of this German-American identity, which she shares with many women who also emigrated   and with a childhood that many of the children whose parents are immigrants, share.
In her paintings and three-dimensional works Nielsen often combines multilingual texts and textiles with painted acrylic paintings, mating patterns and typeface so typical of the promotional images just this new era after the war. The objects and pictures, with statements in various languages, texture and materials, always allow complex interpretation.
Susanne Nielsen exhibits along with bridget marshall,Carolann Mancuso , Debora Pridgeon , Gina Coccaro , Holly Bird , Joyce Curvin ,Lisa Fitch, Lorraine Potocki , Robert Herbenick , Leslie Jeffery, and Terd Smedley
Susanne Nielsen has shown parts of this series in one person exhibitions in Germany and the German Consulate Miami.
The artist is present and availble to answer questions on Sunday, April 19 and Sunday, May 3, respectively, during theintermission of the Florida Orchestra concerts or by special appointment. Call her at 813-254-5088 or visit ,  for information and updates on  other exhibitions.


(German translation)

Deutsch-Amerikanische Kuenstlerin Susanne Nielsen stellt aus

                       “Childhood/Kindheit” Zyklus der Tampa Kuenstlerin Susanne Nielsen

Clearwater - Die Malerin/Bildhauerin und Kunstgeschichtsdozentin Susanne Nielsen, Gewinnerin vieler Kunstpreise (Best of Show , Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Award , Gasparilla Show of Fine Arts,Tampa), die zwischen ihrer Heimatstadt Wiesbaden und Tampa, Florida pendelt, wo sie zur Zeit fuer Ihre Doktorarbeit an der Universitaet Paderborn die Monigrafie eines kubanischen Exil-Kuenstlers schreibt, stellt im April/Mai 2015 fuenf ihrer Bilder aus.
Zusammen mit einer kleinen Gruppe von Künstlerinnen zeigt Nielsen fünf ihrer Bilder aus dem Zyklus „Coming to America/Childhood in Germany” in Clearwater, Florida, aus.  Ihre Werke sind in den oberen beiden Galerien der Ruth Eckerd Hall, einer von drei grossen Theater-Hallen der Tampa Bucht von April bis einschließlich Mai 2015 ausgestellt. Kunst- und Kulturliebhaber, die die zahlreichen Theater-, Broadway- und Konzertaufführungen besuchen, haben freien Zugang zu den Galerien.
Susanne Nielsens Malerei-Zyklen „Coming to America“ und “Childhood” basieren auf Erinnerungen ihrer eigenen Kindheit und den vielen Eindruecken, die sie in ihrer deutschen Heimat als Stadtkind der fünfziger und sechziger Jahre erlebte, und bei ihrer Auswanderung in die USA im sonnigen Kalifornien wiederum in der Grosstadt San Francisco in Wort und Bild erlebte. Die im Ausland groß gewordene Künstlerin besuchte Schule und Stadt, spielte mit amerikanischen Freundinnen und dem kleinen Bruder, sang amerikanische Lieder, las “Mother Goose” und “Waldi” , erlebte deutsche und amerikanische Weihnacht mit Familie und Verwandten. Sie hoerte deutsche schlager und sah “The Wizzard of Oz” im Fernsehen, lernte aus englischen Schulbuechern und blaetterte in  Mutters deutschen Zeitschriften, die die Familie während ihrer Jahre in den USA und Reykjvik, Island regelmäßig las.
In ihren Bildern zeigt Nielsen Eindruecke aus ihrer wiesbadener fruehen Kinderzeit und ebenfalls   Ausschnitte aus ihrer Deutsch-amerikanischen Kindheit, Collagen aus Fotos, Gedichten, Texten, Liedern und Werbung  dieser Ziet des Aufschwunges.    
Bei ihren Recherchen zur Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte, die Susanne Nielsen an Universitaeten und Museen lehrt, befasst sie sich seit langem mit der eigenen Immigrations-Geschichte und entwickelt weiterhin eine eigene Ikonografie der deutsch- amerikanischen Identitaet, die sie mit vielen ebenfalls ausgewanderten deutschen Frauen teilt, und mit einer kindheit, die viele der Kinder , deren Eltern immigranten sind, teilen. In ihren Bildern und drei-dimensionalen Werken kombiniert Nielsen oft mehrsprachige Worte und Textiles mit gemalten Acrylbildern , die Paarung von Mustern und Schriftbild so typisch für die Werbebilder gerade dieser neuen Zeit nach dem Krieg. Die Objekte und Bilder, mit Aussagen in verschiedenen Sprachen, Textur und Materialien, lassen stets vielschichtige Interpretation zu .
 Susanne Nielsen , die bereits einige dieser Werke in einer Einzelschau in Wiesbadens Galerie Wort-Art und im Generalkonsulat Miami zeigte, stellt zusammen mit bridget marshall,Carolann Mancuso , Debora Pridgeon , Gina Coccaro , Holly Bird , Joyce Curvin ,Lisa Fitch, Lorraine Potocki , Robert Herbenick , Leslie Jeffery und Terd Smedley aus.  
Die Ausstellung der Werke  kann von Besuchern der Ruth Eckerd Hall von April bis Ende Mai 2015 in den Galerien des ersten Stocks besichtigt werden. Die Kuenstlerin steht am Sonntag, den 19.April und am Sonntag, 3.Mai jeweils waehrend der Pause des Florida Orchesterkonzerts fuer Fragen zur Verfuegung. Rufen Sie sie an und machen einen Termin unter 813-254-5088 oder besuchen Sie ,  Informationen und weitere Austellungstermine finden Sie auf dieser Seite.


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A New Project , Bengali Brides...


                                                   a new painting project, brides in reds

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Women & Magnolias at Ruth Eckerd Hall March - May 2012

                   Susanne Nielsen with "The Sinner" ( Die Suenderin) of the Women & Magnolias Series

                                                 Women and Magnolias
Tampa based artist Susanne Nielsen has been chosen as one of a small number of artists to show five of her paintings of her series titled “Women and Magnolias” in the upstairs galleries of Ruth Eckerd Hall from March through May 2012. The artist based her theme on the image of women in advertising of the 1950s and 60s combined with the beauty of the Magnolia blossoms of the American South which the international artist has called home for many years.  The style of intense color and line used in advertising of past eras, portraying women in pencil skirts combined with ad text fragments and an overlay of white magnolia petals allow multiple layers of interpretation.
The artists exhibiting in this exhibition that can be viewed with paid admission to Ruth Eckerd Hall.

                                                     "We Women make a Difference" ( Auf uns Frauen kommt es an)

Florida Sun Magazine published a story in conjunction with this exhibition March 9, 2012. It can be read (in German, or copy and paste into google translator) at:
and permanently at:

                                                                             Visiting the show with friends, on the show.
Information regarding the exhibition is at:

                                                            A Perfume from Paris ( Ein Duft aus Paris)
             Deutsch-Amerikanische  Kuenstlerin stellt in Clearwater, Florida aus
Die Malerin/Bildhauerin Susanne Nielsen, die zwischen ihrer Heimatstadt Wiesbaden und Tampa, Florida pendelt, wo Sie Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte am St. Petersburg College lehrt, stellt zusammen mit einer kleinen Gruppe von Kuenstlerinnen fuenf ihrer Bilder aus dem Zyklus “ Frauen/Magnolien” in Clearwater, Florida aus. Zusammen mit den Werken elf weiterer Kuenstler wurden  ihre Werke ausgewaehlt, in den oberen beiden Galerien der Ruth Eckerd Hall, einer von drei grossen Theater-Hallen der Tampa Bucht von Maerz bis einschliesslich Mai 2012 ausgestellt zu werden. Kunst- und Kulturliebhaber, die die zahlreichen Theater-, Broadway- und Konzertauffuehrungen besuchen, haben freien Zugang zu den Galerien. 
Susanne Nielsens Malereithema  Frauen/Magnolien basiert auf dem Frauenbild der 50er und sechziger Jahre, die die im Ausland gross gewordene Kuenstlerin in Deutschen Zeitschriften, die die Familie waehrend ihrer Jahre in Reykjvik , Island regelmaessig las, sah.  
 In ihren Bildern zeigt Nielsen elegante Werbebilder von Frauen mit dazugehoerigen Werbetextfragmenten , die das stereotypische Frauenbild vergangener Zeiten darstellen. Endlich ueberlegt Nielsen jedes Bild mit den gemalten Bluetenblaettern sudstaatlicher  Magnolien, die die Form der weiblichen Silhouette ihrer Werbefiguren betonen. Diese bedeutungsvollen  Blueten des Amerikanisdchen Suedens , wohin Nielsen von Europa hinzog, tragen ebenso wichtigen Symbol-Charakter. Die Kuenstlerin fasziniert die visuelle Ausdruckskraft und die duale Symbolik der Magnolie.
Bei ihren Recherchen zur Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte, die Susanne Nielsen am St. Petersburg College lehrt, befasst sie sich seit langem mit der Geschichte und Ikonografie des amerikanischen Suedens. In ihren Bildern und drei-dimensionalen mixed-media Werken kombiniert Nielsen oft intensive Farbe und starke Linien, so typisch fuer die Werbebilder  frueherer Zeiten  mit Textfragmenten in verschiedenen Sprachen, und organischer, geflochtener Textur und Materialien, die eine vielschichtige Interpretation zulassen.
Die Ausstellung der Werke der 12 Kuenstlerinnen, kann von Besuchern der Ruth Eckerd Hall von Maerz bis Ende Mai 2012 in den Galerien des ersten Stocks besichtigt  werden.

                                 Exhibition "Mothers Myths & Memories" , Largo, Florida

                                                 interactive exhibition concept "Memory Wall"
                                    Exhibition at German Consulate General Miami
                                                      "Coming to America"
Painting installation at German Consulate General Miami

             Exhibition "Fernsicht - Looking Afar"

Galerie WortArt, Wiesbaden, Germany
Susanne Nielsen

Fernsicht Blicke ueber den Grossen Teich ( Ozean)
Gedanken zur Ausstellung
Sicht in eine Ferne, 
Zeitlich, räumlich
Sicht auf Zurückliegendes.
Auf Träume und Wünsche,
Erfüllung, Erfolg.

Gründung der EWG,
Reisen über Land und Meer.
  Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten.
Kindertage in der alten und neuen Welt.
Immer neue Menschen und Sprachen.
Verbindungen und Verlust

Schiff, Flugzeug,
Bücher und Briefe.
Heimatfest und Halloween.
Kitsch und Barbiepuppen.

Bilder und Geschichten
Träume, Erinnerungen
Einblicke und Ausblicke

Looking Afar
 Views across the Atlantic
 (back and forth)
Thoughts on the exhibition
Looking a-far
Views to a distance
Of time and place.
Far away.

Looking back
To dreams and wishes,
Fulfillment, success.

Founding of the EU,
Travels across land and seas.

Land of endless opportunity,
Childhood days in two worlds
Ever new people and tongues
Connections and loss
Heritage clubs,
Leaving for Home

Ships and planes,
Books and letters.
Heritage fest and Halloween
Kitsch and Barbie dolls.
Watching TV.

Pictures and stories,
Dreams and Memories
Insights and outlooks,

Looking back,
Looking a-far.
Artist Statement

All of my work, two-and three-dimensional, is about patterns of life. Women's lives, above all, form an intricate woven fabric, expressed in sculptures created in traditional feminine craft techniques, sewn, quilted, woven of fiber or reeds, in color combinations that reflect a sense of warmth, joy and celebration, softness and soothing, protective and fortified against invasion. Vibrant Godesses and protective nests, soft inside and hard and defensive exteriors present differing aspects of psychological and physical safety zones.

Sculptures, then, provide spaces the viewer must experience with all the senses. Their soft interiors, their bursting outer surfaces often imbued with color and stories command the viewer's attention on all levels. Sound and text have become important elements of the interactive sculpture. Ceramic pieces and found objects join fiber, reeds and wire.

Sizes range from two to 5 feet in height, with many a mirror image of the viewer and a number of sculptures larger in scale. The impression is at the same time elegant and imposing. Creation is addressed on a multitude of levels leaving the viewer to draw his or her own conclusions.

Materials continue to vary, fabric dominates smaller pieces, glazed clay components have been added. Abstracted figures symbolizing new life, take the viewer/participant from the experience of works as "toy" into the deeper realm of bonding and healing.

A soft-sculpture series based upon personal Myths (Ammenmärchen-wives tales), continues to include cultures around the globe, each represented in its language of origin. In addition to the use of audio, written elements have become integral elements to the work.

Painting as technique for themes of childhood and immigrant heritage allows incorporation of image and text. Each series of 8-12 images is created for a sight specific solo exhibition . The ongoing series has been inspired by formats of traditional Asian art (scrolls), combining pictures, text and after two major study tours to Asia ( Bangladesh and China) with added textile embellishment.

                                            Sculptures by Susanne Nielsen : Vessel Series
2011 Candidate PhD. Dept. of Arts/Humanities, University of Paderborn
2009 WES accreditation B.A., M.A. English as Foreign Language,Literature
2001 Ceramics,mixed media Training, (Art Dept) USF, Tampa,FL
1999 Multi-Media Training (Microsoft Office/HTML/Web Page/
1989 M.F.A. Painting, School of Art, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
1984-1985 Post Graduate Study (Art History, PhD program), Ruprecht Karls Universität, Heidelberg, Germany
1983 M.A. English as foreign Language and Literature (minors Art History, Education) Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelms Universität, Bonn, Germany

2009 Mothers,Myths & Memories, exhibit of paintings/sculpture w. International community participation, Largo Library, Largo,FL
2007 A German-American Childhood in Paintings and Texts, German Consulate General, Miami,FL
2005 “Fernsicht/Views across the Atlantic”, Galerie Wort-Art, Wiesbaden,Germany
2004 “Paris Kaleidoscope”, artist studio in cooperation with Alliance Francaise de Tampa ,FL, September 2004
2004 “Bilder einer Kindheit” ,Kunst(Art)bus, June/July 2004, Wiesbaden, Germany
2003 “Domestic Goddesses”, Rotpunkt Studio, Design District venue, Art Basel, Miami,FL
2002 “Cityscapes in Pen and Ink”, Rotpunkt Studio, Design District, Miami, FL
2000 "Berlin - A Winter Essay," Images &Texts June 7 through 30 in cooperation with StageWorks Theater Production "Berlin to Broadway, songs of Kurt Weil"
1998 "Scenes of Heidelberg," Gallery at Cafe Heidelberg, Tampa, FL
1995 "Women - Identity and Survival," Hillsborough Cty Public Libraries, Tampa,FL
1995 "Perfect Women," Seminole Heights Public Library, Tampa, FL
1989 Beaufort County Arts Council, Washington, NC.
1989 "Images of Women," Pitt Memorial Hospital, Greenville, NC.
"FromThe Studio Of.. Susanne Nielsen,"Community ArtsCouncilGoldsboro,
1984 "Hand-Painted Silk," Galerie Kunst & Wein, Heidelberg-Ltrshausen, Germany

2012 PAVA exhibition, (5 works) Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater, F.L.
2010 Paul Hartley Legacy Exhibition, Greenville Museum of Art, Greenville,N.C.
2010 Paul Hartley Legacy Exhibition, Lee Hansley Gallery,Raleigh,N.C.
2010 Sew - It's Art, Florida International Museum, St.Petersburg,FL
2009 PAVA exhibition Leepa Rattner Museum,Tarpon Springs
2008 PAVA exhibition, Ruth Eckerd hall, Clearwater,FL
2006 Alumni exhibition, Gray Gallery East Carolina University, NC
2003 Exhibition/Auction to benefit the Clearwater Arts Foundation,FL
2001/2 Surface Design Guild Show , Beach Art Center, St.Pete Beach,FL
2000/01 "EigenART",special guest artist, Kloster Seligenstadt, Germany
1999 "Avant Hop,"Hyde Park Fine Arts, Gallery on Florida,ImageBreweryTampa, FL
"Arquitectonica: The Principles and Science of Architecture," One Tampa, FL
1998 -2003 Synthesis/Art Pros, One Tampa City Center, Tampa, FL
1996-2001 Much Ado About Art, St.Petersburg,FL
1997,98 Faculty Exhibition, Scarfone Gallery, University of Tampa
1996 "Crafts for the Senses III," Deland Museum of Art, Deland, FL
1995 "Crafts for the Senses III," Gallery 621, Tallahassee, FL, Miami Youth Museum,
"Studioworks '95," FGCAC Instructors Show at Studio 1212, Clearwater, FL
PAVA's "Spring Cool Art Show," SuntanArt Center, St.Petersburg,FL
1994 "Crafts For The Senses III," Florida Craftsmen, Inc., St.Petersburg, FL
"The Cuban Sandwich Show," Still & Moving Gallery, Tampa, FL
"Fibers in Review," Three Art Shows in One, Fiber Arts Institute, Palm Harbor,
1993 Works by Nielsen, McLaughlin,Harris, and Dawson, Stevens Gallery,Raleigh,NC "Real Lush: The Book as Art", Still and Moving Gallery, Tampa, FL "Peep Holes and Gender Roles", Back Door Gallery, Clearwater, FL
1991 Artifice Rex 1991 Exhibition, Montgomery, AL
1990 Artifice Rex Exhibition in conjunction with the American Institute of Architects' Auburn University,AL
1989 "The Personal Icon: Giving Form to Spirit", in conjunction with the Surface Design Assn.National Conference, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg, TN.
1988 "A Mad Tea Party", M.F.A. Thesis exhibition, 2 person show, Gray Art Gallery, ECU School of Art, Greenville, NC.
Paper Invitational, Case Art Building Gallery, Atlantic Christian College, Wilson,NC.
Recent works by 7 women artists,Gray Art Gallery, ECU
1987 "Primary Sources" Gray Art Gallery, ECU School of Art, Greenville, NC.
1981 "Jewelry" Joint Designs, Studio H.G. Barthauer, Bonn, Germany

2003 Honorable Mention , Concorso Rapido Dunedin Art Center, Dunedin, FL
2002 Honorable Mention Surface DesignGuildShow,BeachArtCenter, St.Pete Beach
2001/2/3 Mayfaire by the Lake, Lakeland, Florida
2001 HonorableMention Surface DesignGuild Show,Beach ArtCenter, St.PeteBeach
2002 Gasparilla Festival of the Arts, Tampa, FL
2000 Mayfaire by the Lake, Lakeland, Florida
2000 Summer Spice II, Gallery on Azeele, Juried: Ken Rollins, Dir. Gulf Coast Museum of Art
2000 The House, Artists Unlimited,Tampa,FL, Juried: Emily Kass, Dir.Tampa Museum of Art
1999,2000 Gasparilla Festival of the Arts, Tampa, FL
1996-2000 "Diversity!"International Juried Exhibition of Studio Art Quilts, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg, TN.Juried by Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada, Center for Japanese Studies, University of California, Berkeley,"Diversity," 96 University Art Galleries, University of South Dakota, Quilts, Inc.,Houston, TX., 97 American Museum of Quilts & Textiles, San Jose, CA, Transition Gallery, Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID, 98 WSU - Tri Cities, Richmond, VA, Muscarelle Museum of Art, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg,VA, Esvelt Gallery, Columbia Basin College, Pasco, WA, 99 Mitchel Museum at Cedarhurst, Mount Vernon, IL, 2000 Brigham City Museum and Gallery, Brigham City, UT
1998 Merit Award, Sculpture, Gasparilla Festival of the Arts, Tampa, FL (Judge: Thelma Golden, Curator& Director of Branches, WhitneyMuseum of American Art,NewYork C.
1997 StudioWorks,Florida Gulf Coast Art Center Instructor's Exhibition (Juror Emily Kass, Tampa Museum of Art)
1995 FifteenthAnnualJuriedExhibition,Florida Center forContemporaryArt,Tampa,FL
1995 Studioworks, Florida Gulf Coast Art Center Instructors' Exhibition, Belleaire,
1995 "Living Free From Violence," Women's Awareness Month Juried Art Exhibition, Centre Gallery, USF, Tampa, FL
1994 "Environment/ External & Internal," Artists Unlimited, Inc., Tampa, FL
1994 "Action Frees Our Dreams," Women's Awareness Month Juried Art Exhibition, Centre Gallery, USF, Tampa, FL
1993 Toys 'R Art, Artists Unlimited, Inc., Tampa, FL
1992 Second Prize in Fiber, SAC's Gallery, Montgomery, AL
1991 BEST OF SHOW,The1991Montgomery Art Guild Museum Exhibition,MontgomeryAL
1991 Honorable Mention, The 1991 Montgomery Art Guild Museum Exhibition Montgomery, AL. Juried by: Xenia Zed, Assistant Dean, Atlanta College of Art
1989 National Spinning Award, Beaufort County Arts Council Annual Arts Show, Washington, NC.
1989 Honorable Mention in Sculpture, Rocky Mount 32nd Annual Outdoor Art Show Rocky Mount Arts Center, Rocky Mount, NC.
1988 1st Prize in Textural Art & National Spinning Award Beaufort County Arts Council Annual Arts Show, Washington, NC. Juried by: Sallie Middleton, Ashville,NC
1988 Honorable Mention in Painting, Rocky Mount 31st Annual Outdoor Art Show, Rocky Mount Arts Center, Rocky Mount, NC.
1987 1st Prize in Watercolor, Annual Art Competition, Community Council for the Arts,Kinston, NC. Juried by: Houston Paschal, Curator North CarolinaMuseum of Art
1987 1st Prize in Textural Arts, Beaufort County Arts Council Annual Arts Show, Washington, North Carolina Juried by: Barclay Sheaks, Virginia artist
1987 Honorable Mention in Watercolor, Rocky Mount 30th Annual Outdoor Art Show Rocky MountArts Center. Juried by: Robert B. Dance, Winston-Salem artist
1986 National Aperture 86, Exhibition of Photographic Arts, Associated Artists, Winston- Salem (National). Juried by: Van Deren Coke, Director of Photography, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA
1986 1st Prize in Textural Arts, Beaufort County Arts Council 1986 Fine Arts Show Washington, North Carolina. Juried by: Clint Carter, Watercolor/acryllic artist, rep. of Windsor Newton
1986 1st Prize in Fiber, 3rd Place in Watercolor. Wilson Active artists Association Annual Spring Art Show. Juried by: Mary Ann Pennignton, Executive Director, Greenville Museum of Art

REPRESENTATION: Studio 518, Tampa, FL, ,,

Jung Winery, Ruedesheim, Germany
Vinyl Details, Inc. Montgomery, AL
Galaxo,Smith,Klein, Greenville, NC
Seymour Johnson AFB, Goldsboro, NC
Pitt Memorial Hospital, Greenville, NC
Associated Artists, Winston-Salem, NC

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